Ray Smith's legacy as a pillar of Marist rugby spans decades, etching his name in the annals of our beloved sport's history. Since the mid-1950s, Ray's unwavering dedication adorned the halls of Hamilton Marist, where his commitment knew no bounds. A stalwart figure, he served tirelessly on the committee for over a decade, embodying the essence of leadership and camaraderie. In 1958, Ray ascended to the role of Club Captain, a position he adorned with grace and distinction for countless years, imprinting his mark on the very fabric of our community.

In 1968, Ray's journey led him to Wellington, where his passion for Marist rugby continued to flourish within the hallowed halls of Marist St Pat's Club. Here, he seamlessly integrated into the fold, bringing with him a wealth of experience and an unwavering spirit of service. His presence resonated not only within the club but also echoed across the expanse of New Zealand, as he assumed the mantle of Chairman of NZ Marist in 1973. For an astounding 45 years, Ray steered the ship of Marist rugby with a fervent zeal, advocating tirelessly for its growth and prosperity.

Ray's commitment extended far beyond the boardroom, as he traversed the length and breadth of the country, attending every Spillane tournament with an unmatched fervor. His efforts knew no bounds, as he tirelessly organized funding and provided unwavering support to Marist clubs nationwide. It was no surprise that Ray earned the esteemed title of life member of NZ Marist, a testament to his enduring impact on our cherished community.

As we reflect on Ray's remarkable journey, we are profoundly grateful for his immeasurable contributions to rugby union throughout New Zealand. His legacy will forever endure, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. In this time of mourning, we find solace in the knowledge that the extended Smith family remains in the thoughts and prayers of countless Marist Supporters. May Ray's indomitable spirit continue to guide us, as we carry forth his legacy with pride and reverence.