The annual Spillane Tournament in 2019 took place in Taranaki, hosted by Tukapa Rugby and Sports Club.

Tournament Dates: 8th to 9th March 2019.

The 2019 Tournament brought together many clubs accross multiple disciplines, seeing events in Rugby, Womens 7's, and Netball.


St Micheals Rotorua: 26 - Marist St Pat's B: 21

Marist St Pat's Colts: 17 - Tukapa Colts: 9

Tukapa: 45: - Masterton: 0

Hutt OB 21: - Napier OB: 17

Hastings 3: - Marist St Pat's A: 28

Hutt OB Women: 22 - Clifton Women: 27

Tukapa Colts: 0 - Hutt OB Colts: 50

Masterton: 12 - Marist St Pat's B: 57

Tukapa Women: 23 - Clifton Women: 34

Hastings: default - Napier OB: win


[8.00  am]   Club Rooms open 

[9.00  am]   1st Round Games  

[9.00  am]   Food and Refreshment Facilities available 

[10.20  am]  2nd Round Games  

[11.40 am]   1st Round Games Women 

[12.15 pm]   Play-Offs begin 

[1.00 pm]    Lunch 

[2.00 pm]    Play-Offs  

[5.00 pm]    Finals complete 

[6.10 pm]    Womens & Colts last games complete 

[6.30 pm]    Teams aftermatch meal 

[7.30 pm]    Prize Giving 

[8.00 pm]    Team Challenge  

[8.30 pm]    Live Entertainment 


Field 1

[9.00 am] (G1) St Micheals Rotorua vs Marist St Pats Well B 

[10.20 am] (G4) Tukapa vs Wanganui Marist Snr

[11.40 am] Hutt OB Women A vs Clifton Women

[12.15 pm] Tukapa Colts vs Hutt OB Colts

[2.00 pm] Loser G4 vs Loser G2

[3.15 pm] Winner G1 vs Winner G4

[4.30 pm] Winner G5 vs Winner G6 


Field 2

[9.00 am] (G2) Masterton vs Tukapa Mens B

[10.20 am] (G5) Hutt Old BoysvsNapier OB Marist

[12.15 pm] Winner G2 vs Loser G1

[2.00 pm] Tukapa Women vs Clifton Women

[3.15 pm] Loser G6 vs Loser G5

[5.00 pm] Tukapa Women vs Hutt OB Women A


Field 3

[9.00 am] (G3) Marist St Pats Well Colts vs Tukapa Colts

[10.20 am] (G6) Hastings Rugby & Sports vs Marist St Pats Well A

[5.00 pm] Marist St Pats Well Colts vs Hutt OB colts